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    the elevator car (Moire pattern ground)

    Product details

    The elevator car ceilingCarbon steel surface jet black piano lacquer +4 LED lamps,

    the middle of the 4 surface plating Titanium gold lamp box, inside put 4 panel lights and the installation of 3D effect on the surface of the lamp version

    Car front: SUS304stainless steel mirrorSurface plating black

     Car side wall: Both sides are made of SUS304 stainless steel, surface plating black and intermediate fiber car wall

     Car rear wall:

     Car ground: glue + sand glue

    Car operating wall: integrated control wall

     Operation box button: A single touch button

    Car position refers to the layer: 10 .4inch LCD monitor

    The elevator car ceiling Intermediate black mirror steel plus nebula LED ceiling lamp + around the black piano paint surface of carbon steel with 4 LED lamp, car top surface of carbon steel structure for gray spray anti-corrosion paint (car interior surface spray black)

    Car front: SUS304stainless steel mirror

     Car side wall: Both sides are made of SUS304 stainless steel, By the middle of 3D hairline stainless steel plate + 3D decorative plate stuck to the surface of carbon steel

     Car rear wall:

    Car ground: The glue

     Car operating wall: The integral touch control wall (moire pattern)

    Car position refers to the layer: 7 inch color LCD display (with visual intercom function)


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